Escape the Room


Escape the room is a game that is targeted for many people, but teens and adults mostly play it. The parents have to ensure that the right age is considered before taking their kids to this game. The age that is required by most artists of this game is ten years and above. For instance, two kids must be accompanied by at least one adult when they come to escape the room. Escape the room is a real-life game where the players are required to solve puzzles with given answers, and they are given one hour to reveal specific mysteries. This article is essential in explaining the requirements for one to play in this game and where you can find the escape artist in Seattle. Get more information about escape the room

The Seattle escape the room requires the players to be in a group of teams, and if you are alone, you will join other players in the room. If your room has no booked spots, then you will be taken to a private one where you will play the game. You are required to arrive at the Seattle escape the room at least 20 minutes before the time to avoid disrupting the current session or the next scheduled session. We have artists who will take care of the late arrivals, but it is advisable to arrive earlier. You are not required to take any food or drinks in the room, and intoxicated individuals are not allowed. You can carry your phone in Seattle escape the room session, but you should not take any pictures. For more information about the escape the room, follow the link.

The escape artists have designed the rooms such that cameras are monitoring the game sessions. Therefore if you decide to quit the game, you will not be able to win. We have designed the escape the room in such a way that there are buttons where you press if you want to quit the game.It is important to note that pressing the escape button automatically ends the game. Players left in the room will continue with their sessions without any disruption. We have cameras that help you with values in case you get stuck in the midst of your game session. The other requirements are the credit and an identity card if you want to book. We do not give a limitation to the number of players in your team. Booking is done online, and if you ‘re going to come as a group, they should as well produce their IDs and their credit cards. Read more details here about escape the room in Seattle. To read more to our most important info about escape the room click the link


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